Monday, December 14, 2015

9 Healthy Things To Do Before 9am To Start Your Day Off Right

1. Set A Sleep Schedule And Stick To It

Setting a sleep schedule for yourself may seem like you're back to being a child again and mom and dad are telling you it’s time for bed. But, honestly having your body be on a sleep schedule is so important. Without a sleep schedule our bodies get out of whack. Having your body out of whack drains your energy. Set a time you are going to go to sleep and a time you are going to get up and stick with it! Ours is 9:30pm-5:30am. Your body will thank you by quickly adapting to the new routine. Remember to get at least eight hours of sleep as well!
2. Wake Up Early..Like 6am Early

I love getting up early and being able to take my time in the morning and have my morning routine. We get up at about 5:30am since my husband has to be at PT in the mornings. I love this time I have to myself in the morning. I get to accomplish my morning goals, make the bed, read, drink my coffee (of course), snuggle with Sancho, workout, unload the dishwasher, and whatever other small tasks I need to get done before I am ready to officially start my day. This time really changes the entire rhythm of my day. Doing little things like making your bed as soon as you get up helps to build your momentum to accomplish things throughout your day. I would not of seen this awesome sunrise if I wouldn't have been up early! :) I accomplish much more on mornings I get up early!
3. Drink A LOT of Water

You need to rehydrate yourself in the morning. You haven’t had anything to drink for hopefully around eight hours so you need to rehydrate yourself. Water also helps to fire up your metabolism and give it a kick start for the day.
4. Exercise Before The Day Gets Going

Oh how I love exercising in the morning. It gives me a boost of energy, and also a sense of accomplishment! You might feel tired at first when you exercise in the morning. Give it five minutes and you will perk up and feel great! My two new favorite workouts I have been doing are Turbofire and ChaLean Extreme. Love them! Wearing your workout clothes to bed is a great way to keep yourself accountable for a morning exercise. Just do it and you will feel good about yourself all day. And you will be ready to kick your days butt!
5. Eat a Hearty, Balanced Breakfast

Your body doesn't want sugary cereal or a dought it wants something that is going to help it get started for the day and give it the energy it needs to get through an active day. My breakfast every morning is first carbs with ½ cup of old fashioned oatmeal and 1 teaspoon of honey. Later after I workout I will get my protein and fruit in with a protein shake and an apple. This really gives me the energy my body wants and needs.
6. Read

Reading in the morning has many benefits. It allows you to chill out and take a break while getting ready to take on your day. It also helps to create space for yourself to relieving stress to even getting your brain into work mode. I love to read for about an hour in the morning while I drink my coffee and snuggle with Sancho. It really helps me to get into work mode and start my day.
7. Write In A Journal
I know, it sounds kinda silly. But there are a number of benefits to keeping a journal. Writing in a journal each morning will actually help to spark your creativity. While also helping to strengthen your self-discipline and confidence. Which helps you throughout your entire day and life.
8. Listen To Music

Music in the morning helps to light up your brain and reduce stress and anxiety. Music brings your mind to a positive place while lifting you up.
9. Tell Someone “I love you”

Showing your gratitude and love can be very powerful for your health. Telling someone you love them daily can have many benefits. It can actually boost your immune system. It also helps to ease stress and put the rest of the day on the right path. And it just makes you feel happy and loved! <3

These are nine great steps to start your day off right and ensure for a great day full of success and confidence.