Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why The Number On The Scale Shouldn't Be Trusted

After doing sixty days of the program Piyo it was time to step on the scale and measure my body to see how I did with the program. 

I was so disappointed when I stepped on the scale and it said that I had gained five pounds! I was like what have I been doing wrong. I was faithful with the workouts and I ate super healthy. I was so upset, until I looked at my before and after pictures and saw the change that had happened. 

The number on the scale does not tell the whole story behind your health. Here are some reasons on why you shouldn't trust the scale. 

1.Trust Your Clothes

Take a step off the scale and look at how your clothes fit. If you clothes fit great, then the number on the scale is not important. 
2. Weight Fluctuates Daily

For the people who weigh themselves everyday. You probably notice that the number fluctuate each day. This can be due to many different reasons from water retention due to hormones, or holding water due to consuming excessive sodium. Drink lots of water and lower your sodium intake so that you can avoid this. And stop weighing yourself everyday!

3. Weight Does Not Always Show Health

Just because you are thin does not mean that you are healthy. Someone heavier could actually have better health markers due to genetics and lifestyle choices. Don’t think you are health just because of a number. Practice healthy habits so you can live a healthy life!

4. Again, Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

If you start working out you may notice that you are gaining weight. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It could actually be a great thing. It could mean you are building muscle which weighs more than fat so realize if your clothes are bigger but the scale is the same, this is because of the lean muscle you have built. Did you know building muscle will help boost your metabolism so you can burn fat even at rest? Get lifting to a leaner you!

5. Body Composition Changes 

Muscle ways more than fat. So step back and take a look at your muscle to fat ratio. If you have a lower body composition ratio, you must have less fat and more muscle. That is really what counts not the number that the scale says. 

6. It Can Ruin Your Day

It can be a hard hit when you notice that the number on the scale is up higher than expected. Focus more on how you feel about yourself not your weight. Worry more about adopting a healthy lifestyle.

7. Scale Doesn’t Count Everything

Realize the scale does not account for everything and the numbers do not show the bigger picture of your fitness and health. Like me you need to focus on how you look and feel and how far you've come and not what annoying number is on the scale.
Just keep working hard on your health and fitness goals. I recommend making weight training a regular part of your fitness routine and aim for at least 3 sessions of cardio each week. HIIT cardio sessions are the best. Eat a clean diet and avoid high-fat, high-sodium, highly processed foods. Don't let the scale get you down!!