Sunday, January 24, 2016

How To Build The Perfect Healthy Smoothie

I was talking to my Grandparents today and my Grandma mentioned they needed some new recipes for their new NutriBullet they got for Christmas. 

This one is for you Grandma and Grandpa! <3

First chose fruit, liquid and veggies. Then go through and chose if you want to add any of the other categories in.

1/2 Cup Of Fruit - Chose any fruit you like - The fruit can be fresh or frozen. I like to use frozen so I do not have to add ice. 
1 Cup Of Liquid - Chose any liquid you like
-Coconut water 
-Low fat coconut milk
-Low fat dairy milk
-Almond milk
-Flax milk
-100% juices
-Iced coffee
-Iced green tea
1/2 Cup Of Veggies - Chose any veggies you like
-Romaine lettuce
1/4 Cup Make It Creamy - Optional 
-Non fat greek yogurt
-Frozen sliced bananas
-Fresh avocado
1/2 Tsp Make It Sweet - Optional
-Raw honey
-Raw maple syrup 
1/2 Tsp Healthy Flavor - Optional
-Cayenne pepper
-Cocoa powder
1 Serving Energy Boost - Optional
-Chia seeds
-Flax seeds
-Pb2 powder
-Ground Oats
-Ground nuts


Add fruit,liquid, and veggies to your blender. Pick what you all want in your smoothie and add it all in. Add some ice if desired and blend on high

My favorite smoothie is with blueberries, flax milk, spinach, nonfat greek yogurt, honey, cinnamon and either flaxseed or ground oats.