Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Numi Organic Tea

My new favorite thing is buying organic. I found this really awesome organic tea called Numi. Not only it is organic but it is super tasty. 

This particular green tea is different because it is packed into tight little balls which makes for a more flavorful tea that preserves and releases flavor to a remarkable degree. 

The taste of this green tea is excellent and it is not bitter at all! 

Numi also has over 20 different kinds of organic tea. The next one I want to try is Numi Organic Chocolate Pu-erh, Full Leaf Black Tea. Um yummy!! 

Product Description From Amazon: A combination of two well-beloved indulgences: tea and chocolate. Using a rich backbone of dark pu-erh tea, Numi blends organic cocoa and real spices for a decadent treat and a healthy way to satisfy your cravings. The velvety infusion is accented by whole vanilla beans, sweet orange peel, and a dash of rooibos. Rounded off with a finish of nutmeg and cinnamon, this tea is sure to delight chocolate lovers and tea fans alike.

If you are a tea lover like me you should check Numi out! There tea is delicious and worth the price!