Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Featured On The Padlet Blog For The "Hour Of Code" Padlet We Created!

I have been working with my mom as the Co-Director of Creative Projects and Bookings for her educational consulting and speaking business, The Library Voice. It has been so fun learning more about technology and digital tools from my mom.  

Recently we worked together to make a few very special Padlet's. Padlet is a digital tool which created an interactive wall that you can add comments, links, videos, photographs...anything with an url.
Padlet is a great place for anyone to go and share. 
First, we created a Coding Padlet. It was first created for Hour of Code but we have continued to add to it. This Padlet is a great way for teacher librarians and teachers to share how they are integrating coding into their library, classroom, and home.  And so fun for students to get ideas from too. 

It is really great and interesting learning more about how people are using coding in different ways all across the country. I learned a ton about by creating this with my mom. 
The second Padlet that we worked on was for bringing together Winter & Holiday Picture Books

I loved working on this Padlet. I put at least six hours into it and loved every minute of it!  I have such special memories of my mom sharing lots of Christmas picture books with us every year.  
After I created this one, we thought it would be fun to create one for Winter & Holiday Chapter Books too.  
To make all of this creating, sharing and curating even more exciting, Padlet featured my mom and I's Coding Padlet on their blog Graffiti yesterday!  I was very happy to see this. 

I was honored they would share my story in this post too.  

Padlet can be used for a wide variety of things within any occupation, organization or even just for personal organizing and sharing.  

Think about ways that you could use Padlet in your life.  I can't wait to hear your ideas too.