Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Finishing Up My Name Is Lucy Barton & Starting The Deep

My Name is Lucy Barton was a sweet book. I liked the idea and thought it was laid out nicely. But, I did get kind of bored after a while. I felt like it never really all came together. It was just a bunch of little stories put into a book. 

What did you think of the book. Here are a couple questions about the reading.
  1. Lucy’s husband asked her mother to visit her in the hospital, and paid for her trip. Do you think that was a gesture of love on his part?
  2. What role does the gossip Lucy and her mother share play in the book?
  3. Do you think Lucy blames her mother for the more painful parts of her childhood? Could her mother have done better?
  4. What did Sarah Payne mean, when she said to Lucy: “We only have one story”?
Our next book is The Deep by Nick Cutter. We will be starting it Wednesday June 15th and ending on Friday July 1st. 
Synopsis From Goodreads: A strange plague called the ’Gets is decimating humanity on a global scale. It causes people to forget—small things at first, like where they left their keys…then the not-so-small things like how to drive, or the letters of the alphabet. Then their bodies forget how to function involuntarily…and there is no cure. But now, far below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, deep in the Marianas Trench, an heretofore unknown substance hailed as “ambrosia” has been discovered—a universal healer, from initial reports. It may just be the key to a universal cure. In order to study this phenomenon, a special research lab, the Trieste, has been built eight miles under the sea’s surface. But now the station is incommunicado, and it’s up to a brave few to descend through the lightless fathoms in hopes of unraveling the mysteries lurking at those crushing depths…and perhaps to encounter an evil blacker than anything one could possibly imagine.

Lets Get Reading!