Thursday, March 9, 2017

Healthy Kid Approved Snacks For School

Did you know that nutritional deficiencies can affect brain growth and performance in students? We all know the feeling of being hungry and unmotivated, increase feelings of alertness and motivation to learn with these easy and healthy snacks. My mom and I are going to bring you three of our favorite healthy snacks for school that will help keep your kids learning and focused!

Brianna’s Three Favorite Snacks For School
My first favorite snack for school that helps keep me learning and focused are Chocolate Almond Butter Energy Balls. Not only is this snack delicious, it is also packed with protein to help keep your kids fuller for longer. You wouldn’t know it by tasting them, but there is also a healthy hidden ingredient in them...BLACK BEANS! Coming from someone who hates black beans your kids will have no idea and will think they are eating a yummy chocolate treat.

My second favorite treat for school is Peanut Butter Dip. This snack is super versatile and delicious. It also has greek yogurt to give your kids extra protein, while also giving them good fats and carbs. My favorite way to eat this is with apples, but you can also enjoy it with celery or any other fruit or veggie.

I saved the best for last! My final treat that I am going to share with you is Protein Almond Butter Energy Bites! I eat these every single afternoon to keep me full between lunch and dinner. They have lots of protein and healthy fats that really give you a boost. These are always my go to if I am feeling hungry and in need of a healthy snack.

My mom, Shannon loves to bake too. She always had yummy snacks for us after school and brought great ones to school for our birthdays and special (or everyday) events too. Here are three of her favorites that she loves making for my brothers and I….
My first treat to share is one of Hagan’s new favorites and it is super easy. I cut up a banana and drizzle almond infused honey over the pieces in a bowl. Sometimes I even add a little scoop of Sweet Freedom ice cream which has half the calories of regular ice cream but so good!
My second treat to share and one that I love making for my kids is banana bread. I use a recipe from my hometown church cookbook but make a few changes. One of the biggest changes is that I add applesauce instead of a ½ cup of butter. Hagan, Brady and Brianna have all loved making this with me. It is definitely a family favorite!
The third treat to share is Brianna’s favorite and it is called Hot Buttered O’s. My mom made these too when I was little. You just melt a little coconut oil in a pan and make sure it is hot. Then add a few cups of Cheerios and stir them constantly to toast them in the hot oil. Once they are toasted, you can season them with salt or whatever seasoning you would like. They are more nutritious than popcorn and oh so good!


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