Friday, October 21, 2016

Full-Body Strength And Cardio

I love to create my own workouts but I never share them but that is about to change. Every Friday I am going to share a new workout with you guys that I have created. 

Here is the first of many awesome workouts I will be creating and sharing with you. This is a full-body strength and cardio workout that will challenge you. I would recommend this workout for intermediate to advanced people who are active on a regular basis. 

This workout has a five minute warm up, three strength circuits that you will do twice, three cardio circuits that you will do once and a five minute cooldown. If you are feeling super determined and want to complete the cardio circuits twice go for it! :) 

This workout took me about 40 minutes to complete. I used a pair of 15 pound dumbbells for this workout and it was very challenging for me. Pick a weight that is going to challenge you! And remember ladies lifting heavy weights is not going to make you bulk up. ;) 
Full-Body Strength And Cardio 

Warm Up - Do Each Move For 30 Seconds 
-Twisting Toe Touch
-Lunge and Twist
-Butt Kicks
-Low Squat with Knee Tuck
-Arm Circles
-Jumping Jacks
-Spinal Flex
-High Knees 

Circuit 1 - Do Twice 
-Goblet Squat - 20 Reps
-Deadlift with Back Row - 15 Reps
-Bridge with Chest Press - 20 Reps 

Cardio 1 - Do For 60 Seconds
-Side Lunge Jumps 

Circuit 2 - Do Twice 
-Shoulder Press with Side Crunch - 20 Reps Alt. Sides
-Overhead Reach with Leg Lower - 15 Reps
-Seated Russian Twist - 15 Full Rotations 

Cardio 2 - Do For 60 Seconds 

Circuit 3 - Do Twice 
-Reverse Lunge with Bicep Curl - 20 Reps Alt. Sides
-Lawn Mower - 20 Reps Alt. Sides
-Leg Balance into Warrior 3 - 15 Reps Alt. Sides

Cardio 3 - Do For 60 Seconds
-Tuck Jumps

Cool Down - Do Each For 30 Seconds 
-Ab Stretch
-Hip Flexor Stretch
-Standing Forward Bend
-Quad Stretch
-Shoulder Stretch
-Biceps Stretch 
-Cat Cow
-Child's Pose 

I hope that you enjoy this workout as much as me! Give it a try and let me know what you thought and any recommendations you may have for future workouts. :)