Friday, October 28, 2016

Upper-Body Strength And Cardio

Happy Friday friends! I created a killer workout for you this week that incorporates both upper body strength and upper body cardio moves. Tomorrow I have a math final that is expected to last eights hours...what! Today I knew I had to get a great workout in so that tomorrow I will be ready to take on my test!

This workout consisted of five circuits each with two upper body strengths moves and one upper body cardio move. This workout took me about forty minutes to complete. Here is what I got for you this Friday! 

Upper-Body Strength And Cardio 

Warm Up - Do Each Move For 30 Seconds 
-Arm Circles 

-Boxer Squat And Punch
-Butt Kicks 
-Arm Cross With Side Lunge
-Reverse Lunge With Twist
-Jump Rope
-Push Up On Knees 

Circuit 1 - Do Twice 
- Bicep Curls - 15 Reps

- Tricep Extension - 15 Reps
- Mountain Climbers - 30 Seconds 

Circuit 2 - Do Twice 
- Back Row- 15 Reps
- One Arm Tricep Kickback  - 15 Reps Alt. Sides
- Burpees - 30 Seconds 

Circuit 3 - Do Twice 
- Hammer Curl - 15 Reps 
- Shoulder Press - 15 Reps
- High Knees - 30 Seconds 

Circuit 4 - Do Twice
- Upright Row - 15 Reps
- Chest Press - 15 Reps
- Cross Jacks - 30 Seconds

Circuit 5 - Do Twice 
- Back Fly - 15 Reps
- Front and Lateral Raise - 8 Reps 
- Plank Jacks - 30 Seconds 

Cool Down - Do Each For 30 Seconds 
-Ab Stretch
-Neck Stretch 
-Chest Stretch 
-Tricep Strength 
-Shoulder Stretch
-Biceps Stretch 
-Cat Cow
-Child's Pose 

I hope that you enjoy this workout as much as me! Give it a try and let me know what you thought and any recommendations you may have for future workouts. :)