Thursday, March 3, 2016

Move Of The Day - Cross Reach

I want to apologize for not posting as much in the past week. I was busy finishing up finals and enjoying my week off before I start my next term. :)

Let's jump right back in! The move of the day is inspired by P90X3. My husband and I are on our sixth week of P90X3 and we are really enjoying it. Last night we did Lower Eccentrics. This is my favorite move from the whole workout. 

Cross Reach

Start by standing on one leg with the opposite knee raised and a light weight in the same hand as bent leg. 

Bend your standing leg as if you were doing a squat. 

Extend the weight across your body bringing the raised leg behind. 

Lower for one count and raise for three counts . 

Do ten on each side. 

I love this move because it involves balance while also working the standing leg.

Enjoy the burn!