Sunday, December 4, 2016

Introducing The Healthy Tip Corner

Welcome to The Healthy Tip Corner! The Healthy Tip Corner is going to be a new weekly feature that I share with you all. My friend Julia and I will be the writers of this awesome new blog series. 

We are super excited to start sharing with you. Here is an introduction to let you know more about both of us. :) 
My name is Brianna Cua.

Welcome to my blog...Living Light and Breezy.

As the title says, I am excited to show you my journey as an Army wife, college student, coach and someone living life to its fullest.

I graduated from Van Meter High School in May 2012. I finished my associates degree in May 2013. I am currently attending my second to last term at CSU-Global to get my bachelors degree in marketing.

From the time I was little, I have always loved to cook and live healthy. I have also been very interested in new ways to eat and cook clean. Having these interests has brought me to the conclusion that I would love to live a life that incorporated nutrition, exercise, and living healthy.
After I finished my associates degree in 2013, I moved to live with my husband in North Carolina. We lived there for two and a half years. It was a huge change for me since I had lived in Iowa my whole life. It was a struggle moving across the country and learning to live on our own.

Staying active and coming up with new healthy recipes helped me a lot with all the changes. It was something that I was familiar with and made me feel more at home in our new environment. We moved to Belgium on July 14, 2015. We love it here and have had many great experiences. It is so interesting seeing the difference between Europe and America.

I am going to do a few things to get ready for this new adventure. Along with my blog, I am going to start connecting to others in the nutrition and healthy cooking world using Twitter (@brimariecua) and Facebook (brimariecua) .  
Hi guys! I’m Julia aka JulesFit4Life!

I’m a health and fitness guru who loves helping others through social media leading them and inspiring them to get fit and healthy and achieve their goals.

I’m a midwesterner at heart but in February 2016 I moved to Washington to live with my boyfriend. I moved here a recent college grad, graduating from Iowa State University with a Bachelors in Event Management. However my true passion was in health and fitness I was lucky to have had my Coaching business when I moved. I feel in love with working out even in high school but never saw the results I was wanting. In 2013 I found a solution that worked for me. I became a Beachbody Coach in October of 2013. Only 2 months later I had finally lost the weight I’d been working on for years to lose and inches were falling off with it. These inches I remember being told would never come off.  

I’m now a full time Health and Fitness Coach and work from my home here in Gig Harbor, Washington. It may be dark most of the times but fitness does help me stay motivated and positive.

How I know Bri from Living Light & Breezy is from high school. Her and her mom, Shannon, are good friends of mine to this day almost 6 years later. Both workout with me and coach with me on my team. Bri and I became closer together through our PLN class in high school and even many years later we still talk about that blog we started so long ago. Shannon was a great teacher and I credit her to helping me love social media so much!

Follow along my journey as a Fit4Life advocate on my blog Living Fit4Life. I am also inspiring people and sharing more of my day to day life on Facebook and on Snapchat @JuliaAalbaugh.  

We can't wait to start sharing! :)