Friday, January 15, 2016

The Girl on the Train January 15th Book Club Questions

Happy Friday! Ok, so hopefully everyone who is participating in reading The Girl On The Train is at least half way through. I don't wanna ruin anything with these questions. :)

Wanted to get everyone opinion though and see how you are all liking the book. I also have three questions about the book. Comment and let me know what you think so far. 

Question About The Girl On The Train 

1. We all actively watch life around us. In this way, with her own curiosity, Rachel Watson is not so unusual. What do you think accounts for this nosey, all-too-human impulse? Is it more extreme in Rachel than in the average person? What is so different about her?

2. How would you have reacted if you’d seen what Rachel did from her train window, a pile of clothes, just before the rumored disappearance of Megan Hipwell? What might you or she have done differently?

3.Rachel experiences a lot of "what if?" moments, like what if she had confronted Megan when she saw her kissing another man? Would this have changed anything? What other "what if?" moments haunt Rachel?

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